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VIDEOS: Looking back on Williams’ tenure

Oct 5, 2015, 10:40 PM EDT

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CSN aired a special edition of SportsNet Central on Monday night, the day Matt Williams was fired as Nationals manager. Mark, Joe Orsulak and host Sebastian Salazar broke down the Nats’ decision to part ways with Williams just one year after he was named NL’s best manager.

They gave reasons why they believe he was cut loose and also analyzed GM Mike Rizzo’s role in all of it.

This first clip is a simple look back at Williams’ tenure which included some significant ups and downs:

In this second video, Mark and Orsulak react to Williams’ firing:

In this next clip, they break down the reasons why Williams was let go:

This last video examines how much blame Rizzo should receive for Williams’ failed tenure:

  1. Sonny G 10 - Oct 7, 2015 at 1:42 AM

    There have been a lot of excellent reports on what went wrong with this season. The first thing I note is that the early season injuries probably cost us the national league east pennant. If our roster hadn’t been decimated, we would probably have had enough of a lead over the Mets that they would not have spent the money to go all out to bolster their team at the trade deadline. The fact that they were close to us emboldened them to make the run.

    The next thing I have come to realize is how inflexible Matt Williams was in how he used his bull pen. Last year this was more hidden since we won the NL East and won 96 games. However it did show up in the playoffs. Matt Williams was clearly in over his head. What really gets me is that Matt appeared to not learn from his mistakes.

    The last takeaway for me is the role Rizzo played in our downfall. Rizzo counted too much on our injured guys coming back and playing at a high level and not realizing they would have to get the equivalent of spring training over again before they were productive. Then came the re-injuries that set us back. Rizzo really should have gotten us a healthy player or two to bolster the lineup. Since the Lerner family refused to provide any money for that, they share in the failure. Rizzo really screwed things up by bringing in Papelbon. He said he did his due diligence. He better revisit his due diligence procedure.

    Rizzo has a chance to redeem himself by how he fixes this mess. He needs to can his arrogance and realize he doesn’t walk on water. He needs to show he can learn from his mistakes. He has made some outstanding trades for us, as well as a few bad ones. I still like him overall, but I want to see how he goes about fixing this team. He better hadn’t mess around because I don’t think Ted Lerner wants to wait very long for a championship. He probably doesn’t have that long to live because of his age, so I think the pressure will be enormous on Rizzo.





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