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Key decisions backfire for Nats in latest loss

Jun 9, 2015, 11:57 PM EDT


NEW YORK — There is, of course, the biggest underlying problem for the Nationals that has stretched over the last two weeks: A team-wide offensive slump. But when a team isn’t scoring runs with any regularity, it must find other ways to win close, low-scoring ballgames. And that means every key decision made, whether by the manager or by the players themselves, must be the right decision.

Whether the Nationals made the right decisions at several critical moments of Tuesday night’s 6-1 loss to the Yankees is debatable. Perhaps each decision was correct and it was the subsequent execution that failed.

Whatever the case, none of these decisions worked out in the end, and because of that the Nationals lost for the ninth time in 11 games, this one in particularly frustrating fashion.

The most-significant decisions came during a fateful bottom of the seventh, in what was at that point a tense, 1-1 ballgame. That inning began with Max Scherzer taking the mound, his pitch count at an even 100, the Nats’ bullpen quiet.

“I felt great,” Scherzer said afterward. “I was on seven days’ rest. I could’ve pitched all night.”

The veteran right-hander has a proven track record for running his pitch count well into triple digits, having thrown 115 or more pitches 42 times in his career, 120 or more pitches 12 times over the years. And so manager Matt Williams stuck with his ace, even as the Yankees hit a couple balls hard, even as they put two men on with one out, even as Scherzer hit the 115-pitch mark with Alex Rodriguez stepping to the plate.

“We want to push him through that inning if we can, allow him to potentially get us through,” Williams said.

Scherzer nearly did make it through the inning unscathed, with the game still knotted at 1. But then came another fateful decision, this one by Ian Desmond that might have altered the outcome of the evening.

With two on and two out, Rodriguez smoked Scherzer’s first pitch toward the left side of the infield. Off the bat, Scherzer thought it was a base hit. Then he saw Desmond make a tremendous, backhanded grab of the sharp grounder. Except now the shortstop had a decision to make, and he had all of perhaps two-tenths of a second to make that decision.

The choices: 1) Try to throw the lead runner out at third base, the shortest throw in that situation, 2) Try to hop up and fire all the way across the diamond to get Rodriguez at first base, or 3) Just hold onto the ball, concede the bases to everybody and take a shot at the next batter, Mark Teixeira.

Desmond chose option No. 1, and though his throw to third base appeared to beat Ramon Flores, it also hit the runner on the thigh, skipping into the dugout and forcing the go-ahead run home.

“Third was right there. There was an out there,” said Desmond, who was charged with his 14th error of the season on that play. “It wasn’t like there wasn’t an out. Both plays, looking back, would’ve been close. It would’ve been a close play at third. If I would’ve gotten up and threw across to first, it probably would’ve been a close play over there. It wasn’t like I was straight-up there. I was pretty far in the hole. It’s not a throw that I can’t make, but neither is the one to third.”

Williams didn’t offer a full-on criticism of Desmond’s decision, though the manager did suggest his preference would’ve been a throw to first base, recognizing who was running down the line.

“If the throw is to the left side of the runner, we’ve got a chance,” Williams said. “But we’ve also got a slower runner in Alex at the plate. He’s not a speedster, speed demon. So if [Desmond] dives and catches that, he’s got a play at first, as well. Depends on the angle, of course, and where he’s going. But Desi’s got a play at first, too.”

Had the Nationals been able to clamp down and stop the bleeding there, they might have had a realistic shot at rallying against the Yankees’ formidable bullpen and still pulling off a victory. But things only got worse after the Desmond error. Left-hander Matt Thornton entered to replace Scherzer and was instructed to intentionally walk Teixeira, loading the bases again for Brian McCann … who promptly singled home two runs. Carlos Beltran followed with his own RBI single, and just like that a 2-1 deficit became a 5-1 deficit.

And given the current state of the Nationals’ lineup, that was far more offensive production than could be expected. This team has now scored two or fewer runs in 12 of its last 17 games.

How desperate did things get Tuesday night? So desperate that Bryce Harper, who had homered off Masahiro Tanaka in the top of the fourth, decided to try to bunt against the Japanese right-hander three innings later, on a 1-2 count. Harper fouled off the pitch and thus was called out on strikes, left to explain his unusual decision.

“If I lay it down perfect — actually, not even if I lay it down perfect but down the third-base side — I’m safe at first base and then I’m on first base with [Ryan Zimmerman] coming up,” Harper said. “It happens. I’ve done it before. I’ve bunted with two strikes before at the big-league level. It was in my head the whole time when I went 1-2. I went with my gut and it didn’t work.”

Harper’s manager didn’t appear to agree with this call.

“We’ll save that one for another day,” Williams said tersely when asked about the surprise bunt attempt.

Just another key decision that didn’t work out on a night full of them.

  1. AlexandriaNatFan - Jun 9, 2015 at 11:59 PM

    Well, there is this:

  2. dcwx61 - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:11 AM

    “We want to push him through that inning if we can, allow him to potentially get us through,” Williams said.

    This makes complete sense. Always push the starter and never use a rested bullpen.

    • Eugene in Oregon - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:14 AM

      Rested bullpen, yes. Trusted bullpen, not so much.

      • therealjohnc - Jun 10, 2015 at 11:28 AM

        Let’s see: on the one hand, Max Scherzer on extra rest in a tight game against a first place team. Pitch count over 100, but stuff still there (his fastball actually got better once he stopped yanking them inside to lefties). On the other hand, the bullpen of gasoline. Team struggling, needs a win.

        Yeah, I go with Scherzer there, too. And that’s not even counting the benefit of hindsight, after the bullpen flamed out spectacularly to turn a one run deficit into a four run deficit.

  3. Eugene in Oregon - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:14 AM

    Point taken from 1st para, but…you don’t win many games scoring only one run, good decisions or bad decisions notwithstanding.

    • manassasnatsfan - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:22 AM

      The dreaded O’s won tonight 1-0 scoring on a wild pitch.

  4. manassasnatsfan - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:21 AM

    ARod was 2 step out of the box when the ball was snagged by Desmond. The play would not have been closed at first.

    As soon as it was snagged I cheered until I realize he was throwing to third.

    It was never in my brain that he would go that way. From little league on we were never taught to do that. The runner was in the way no way that was going to work. Had the runner been maybe 10 feet short of where he was I would say great play.

    Desi must really hare Max as he does more of his worse fielding when he is pitching.

    As for the Harper bunt attempt with 1 or 0 strikes I have no problem. With 2 strikes it was no better than Desi throwing to third with the easy out at first.

    • Guapo - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:45 AM

      I always hear about how great of an athlete Desmond is, and I believe it. His fielding is terrible, and the mental errors he makes in the field are inexcusable. His approach at the plate to situational hitting is just as bad. That leads me to believe that he’s never really learned how to play the game, just made it to where he his based on world class athleticism. It’s sad, because with all those tools, if he’d taken time to learn the game, he’d be an elite MLB player.

      The difference between a guy like Desmond and a guy like Harper is work and ability to learn. Watching Harper improve in the OF ( a position he never played before getting to pro ball) and at the plate has been amazing. The approach, discipline and results speak for themselves.

      Desmond’s probably the best athlete on the team, but lacks the desire to improve to take it upon himself to make the adjustments needed to help the club. Hope his off season contract negotiations humble him some and he figures out how to make the best of the remaining years he has in the bigs.

      • Hiram Hover - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:29 AM

        He “lacks the desire to improve.”

        I agree that he hasn’t improved in the ways we would like.

        But how do you know about his “desire”–what’s inside his head? And why do you feel the need to make claims about it?

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:22 AM

        agreed and you are spot on

        Desi in my mind has an arogance about him and seems to brush off his terrible play when asked about it. Desi may set an all time record this year for error by an SS. His swinging at the fitrst pitch last night after Robinson and Bryce got on is typical Desi approach to the plate. He has no confidence in working the count. This obsession that a team needs a pwoer hitting sS to wina championship is foolish…ask the Yankees about Bucky dent in 1977 and 1978. Bucky hiy maye 1-2 homers aseason but was the best fielding SS in the American League. Bucky’s OBP was exceptional too. Desi’s is a joke

    • davebinmd - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:13 AM

      >>”It was never in my brain that he would go that way. From little league on we were never taught to do that.”

      Sadly, it didn’t surprise me at all, Desmond has a well-established history of going to third in similar situations, and it rarely works.

      Some have said that Rendon didn’t offer him a target that was well away from the base-runner, but Rendon had been going for the grounder initially as well, since it was in the hole, so then he had to scramble back to the base, essentially racing Flores to it, and then, taking into account the direction he was running from, try to get his foot and the bag and accept a throw coming from directly behind him. Just an all-around poor snap-decision on Desi’s part.

  5. manassasnatsfan - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:27 AM

    My father always told me there are two ways to win and both work and are acceptable.

    1. Score more than the opponent.

    2. Make sure the opponents score less than you score.

    The batters create the wins in the former, the pitchers the latter. Ideally you want both, but if you can’t have both have at least one.

  6. Theophilus T.S. - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:45 AM

    If Desmond ever had an angle at third it was gone by the time the ball got there; there was nothing on it — and given his position there wasn’t anyway he could have had much on it. I don’t think third was ever a real choice. Rodriguez almost certainly would have been out at first — with a good throw, which with Desmond is not always a certainty, so probably eighty-five percent of the time (again, the throw would have been rushed). But at worst it’s bases loaded, one out, Texiera up — one-for-eight against Scherzer going into the game. A decent chance of getting out of the inning. I think Rendon also screwed up — somehow didn’t realize it was a force play. But I don’t think Desmond had a chance either way.

    In an odd way I think Desmond is right — the team simply has to score more than one run. This game can’t be laid solely on him.

    • laddieblahblah - Jun 10, 2015 at 7:25 AM

      “This game can’t be laid solely on him.”

      No, it can’t, but he went hitless with RISP. He could have taken care of that 1 run problem, but didn’t. His lack of hitting with RISP has become more of a problem than his unreliable defense at SS.

      • Ghost of Steve M. - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:13 AM

        I made that point on his RISP yesterday and while I was reminded his career numbers are fine, that doesn’t change the now.

        Just awful and RZim took another collar to add to the misery.

        When Robinson was on 2nd and Ramos was on 1st, Desi hit it hard and right to the CF but there was a chance to do something and couldn’t.

        Its not all on Desi or Ryan or Anthony or Scherzer but these are 4 starts players and it can’t just be Bryce.

      • therealjohnc - Jun 10, 2015 at 11:37 AM

        Heh. In the inning when Robinson was on second and Ramos was on first, Desmond hit the ball much harder than either of them. Robinson hit a broken bat floater over SS for one hit, and Ramos hit a 25-hop ground ball that just snuck through the right side of the infield. Desmond squared one up and lined it hard … right at the outfielder. Baseball is an unjust sport.

        Desmond did more to make something happen than either Robinson or Ramos did that inning. To get angry at Desmond for not directing the ball more fortuitously doesn’t make much sense. He did something, and did something good – he was simply unlucky in that instance. I cheerfully get mad at Desmond for not throwing A-Rod out in the 7th. While I’m disappointed with the result in the at bat, I’m not disappointed with Desmond.

  7. Drew - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:45 AM

    At least there’s this:

    25 homers to reach 100 at age 22.

    680 from Henry Aaron.

  8. nats1924 - Jun 10, 2015 at 6:32 AM

    thanks goodness Desi didnt ink the $100m offer! Imagine four more years at $20m per sitting at the SS position.

    Move Yunel to SS and trade Desi for anything!!!!!!

    • laddieblahblah - Jun 10, 2015 at 7:18 AM

      “Move Yunel to SS and trade Desi for anything!!!!!!”

      I don’t think Desi impressed the Yankees yesterday, especially considering Drew’s performance at the plate. Gregorious is coming on, as well. If there was a chance that the Yanks would go for Desi at the trade deadline, the odds of that probably went down yesterday.

      Move him to LF, where his athleticism would probably make him a plus outfielder. Send MAT down to prepare himself for a late-season call-up, and for next season. Rendon, Esco, and Danny give the Nats their best offensive and defensive IF, with Desi in LF having a better bat than Taylor. Bring up Den Dekker as the 4th outfielder. His bat is no worse than Taylor’s is, right now.

      First base is a problem. No good options there, unless Zim can get healthy and play like the old Ryan Zimmerman. Whatever they have to do to make that happen, they should do. Zim is rapidly heading towards the Mendoza zone. Those 2 days off did not do the trick. Maybe Moore will finally rise to the occasion, if given another chance.

      I don’t think you continue with the status quo when the status quo has turned the Nats into a losing team with a losing offense. Give the guys you have their best chance to win by sitting your worst performers and putting the rest of them where they can contribute the most to the team.

      Any Nats fan knows Desi is a ticking time bomb at SS who can go off at any time, and usually at the worst possible time. Just get him out of there. Esco has a SS gold glove, and Danny is every bit as much of an athlete as Desi, while also being a better hitter. Use your gold glove at SS, and put your lead glove in LF.

      Maybe it won’t work, but it would get their attention. Winning is the important thing, but the current team, with the current lineup, is habitually losing.

      • Joe Seamhead - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:48 AM

        Bring up Den Dekker as the 4th outfielder. His bat is no worse than Taylor’s is, right now.

        Are you sure about that? Their numbers are almost identical, except that denDekker’s are against minor league pitching. And Taylor is the better defensive outfielder. I agree that Taylor was rushed up, but I don’t agree that denDekker would be an improvement. You want an improvement in the outfield production? Try to make a trade for an outfielder with Desi as your trading chip.

    • adcwonk - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:59 AM

      Move Yunel to SS and trade Desi for anything!!!!!!

      Or make a qualifying offer and get a draft pick next year.

      • nats1924 - Jun 11, 2015 at 6:39 AM

        attn laddieblahblah.

        well said

  9. rayvil01 - Jun 10, 2015 at 7:19 AM

    The best you can hope for in a drought is that the team you’re competing with will oblige by having one of their own. Thank you, Mets.

  10. natsjackinfl - Jun 10, 2015 at 7:47 AM

    How many times have we as fans been tortured by the same unreliable decision gaffes executed by Ian Desmond?

    I am so tired of being disappointed in the same guy over and over and over.

    • scnatsfan - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:14 AM

      Don’t worry, next year he will be rearing the heart out on another franchise. Perhaps here, should he continue to make errors and be horrible at the plate, he might one day get a day off. Not to rest him, to rest our eyes.

    • Guapo - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:36 AM

      I’d assume another 103 games since Desmond is inexplicably the ONLY Nats player who’s started every game this year despite leading the league in errors and being the 3rd best defensive SS on the team. It’s like this is little league and his Dad is the coach. Stunning to see this happen at the highest levels.

    • jd - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:50 AM


      You are right but this is who is SS for this year. Until Turner is ready to take over it’s gonna be a problem position. As I said, Yunel doesn’t get to that ball and many others as well.

      • natsjackinfl - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:19 AM

        I understand, hence my current state of baseball depression.

  11. ArVAFan - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:22 AM

    Roark’s batting average: .333 (I know, SSS)
    Fister’s batting average: .231
    Scherzer’s batting average: .222
    R Zim’s batting average: . 209
    J Zim’s batting average: .182
    Stras’s batting average: .000
    Gio’s batting average: .000

    Maybe when Ryan’s batting average slips below the mean for the pitchers, we’ll get a story. Or maybe not.

    • Mrsb loves the Nats - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:30 AM

      Ryan is 1 of my favy player… pains me to see him looking so bad at the plate… Obviously (at least to me) that the foot is hurting him. The 2 days off seemed to do nothing for him. May be time to platoon him and TyMo, I mean something has to give…

      • Ghost of Steve M. - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:43 AM

        Has he hit bottom yet and the only way is up? When Carp complimented him on hitting a groundout hard, I thought that had to top it off.

      • rayvil01 - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:59 AM

        PF isn’t healing in 2-days. It takes a few weeks if you’re lucky. I’ve had it and it hurts like all get out. Given how he’s approaching it the PF will probably bug him all season.

        Until Rendon gets his timing back this offense is stuck in neutral. I’m surprised Bryce is getting a ball anywhere near the strike zone at this point.

      • Toot D. Blan - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:01 AM

        You’re Mr. BABIP, are you not? In fact, the only thing you seem to do more often than throwing the BABIP at us is to pat yourself on the back. You know what Ryan Zimmerman’s BABIP is right now? .228! That’s kinda low, right?

      • Theophilus T.S. - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:46 AM

        I am beginning to think there is a real possibility Zimmerman will end the season under .200. BAPIP doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck. Sometimes it means you just can’t put good wood on the ball. Underneath the calm but increasingly crusty demeanor, Williams must be at his wits end. With all of the other injuries/slow recoveries/slumps/inexperience Williams must feel compelled to put Zimmerman in the lineup every day with a prayer for a resurgence that is nowhere in sight. You’ll know the Nats have given up on the season when mid-July rolls around and they put Zimmerman on the DL for 30 or so days — which they should have done beginning of May.

  12. Guapo - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    Like the decision to play your 3rd best SS every night. Yeah, that one continues to be a bad decision.

  13. NatsNut - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    Anyone else noticing frequent MW non-support of his players in the media? If Im starting to not like it, makes me wonder how the players feel.

    • Toot D. Blan - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:12 AM

      If you listen to enough MW press conferences, there’s one thing that jumps right out at you. Matt Williams has never made a bad managerial decision or even a little blunder. Not a one. Whose fault is it? Those other guys. Always.

    • Hiram Hover - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:32 AM

      Right–except for all the complaints that he supports them to a fault by covering up for them.

      Fans are like Goldilocks, but no bowl of porridge is ever just right…..

      • adcwonk - Jun 10, 2015 at 11:01 AM


  14. jd - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:37 AM

    Observations from the game which I attended:

    1) The key play of the game was screwed up on many fronts. Firstly,we teach kids at the little league level to know which base to go to before the ball is even hit knowing who the hitter is and who the runners are, in this case the correct answer is – if it’s hit right at you go to 2nd otherwise go to 1st to get the slow runner. Secondly the play at 3rd was a force play, Rendon played it like a tag play.

    2) for those of you asking for Yunel to play SS, I am almost positive that Yunel doesn’t make that back handed stop, the ball gets into the outfield and the run scores.

    3) I would have brought in Thornton to start the 7th, I thought Scherzer was lucky to get through the 6th without being scored upon and the Yankees had 3 left handed hitters in a row to start the 7th. Having said that I had no problem at all with letting our ace try to get through the inning which he would have had we played clean defense.

    4) I still think MW and Mc.Catty bring little to the table. There is too much talent on this team to be 30 – 28.

    5) I am not buying that RZim’s problems are injury related. If that were the case it would be insane to just keep going out there and hitting in the middle of the lineup. I think he is simply slumping badly. And for all those wanting to move him to the bottom of the order please consider the fact that the Nats don’t have many good alternatives with practically everyone slumping at the same time.

    6) Even if Desi makes the play, I never felt last night that we’re gonna win the game. Just didn’t see where the hits were gonna come from against a strong Yankees bullpen.

    7) Harper’s bunt attempt with 2 strikes on him was a dumb idea.

    8) Things will get better eventually and the Mets are making sure that we stay close in the interim.

    • Ghost of Steve M. - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:45 AM

      Great point as Rendon did play that as if it was a tag play.

    • ArVAFan - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:46 AM

      Thank you for the report. There’s no substitute for being there. Will you be at the game today as well?

      • jd - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:47 AM

        Unfortunately I have to go to work today.

      • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:54 AM

        I was at the ballgame too, and had a lovely time despite the outcome/bottom 7. But make no mistake about it, you don’t see as much as you see watching a game on television. There actually is “no substitute” for the TV perspective of watching each pitch from the center field camera unless you are in the first 10 rows directly behind home plate – for which I don’t have the connections nor the scratch)

    • stoatva - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:50 AM

      Mets are making sure that we stay close in the interim.

      As they say in Alabama, thank goodness for Mississippi.

      • bowdenball - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:40 AM

        +1. I think we all needed a chuckle this morning.

  15. Toot D. Blan - Jun 10, 2015 at 8:45 AM

    Key stat of the day: Desmond leads the team in errors with 14. The next highest error total among Nats players is 2, shared by nine guys. Three of those are pitchers, though, who relatively speaking spend a lot less time on the field. One of those three pitchers is Treinen, who has only been out there 29 innings all season. Treinen appears to be the Desmond of the pitching staff. Someone was complaining on Boswell’s chat the other day about Treinen’s habit of drawing a cross on the back of the mound before he pitches. I say, let the man pray. He clearly needs all the help he can get! Maybe Desmond should start drawing a cross on the field out at shortstop too…

    • rlndtln - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:16 AM

      All you guys are beating a dead horse.We would never had won that game regardless.One run wins 3 percent of all games.Plain and simple.We stink.

      • Danny - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:31 AM

        Speaking of beating a dead horse XD

      • bowdenball - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:50 AM

        We’re two games over .500 despite getting less than replacement level performance from the guys projected to be the #2, #3 and #5 hitters in our opening day lineup before injury and from our #2 and #4 starters.

        We’re frustrating to watch right now. We’re a big disappointment thus far. There are some serious problems that should be addressed. But do we stink? Not by any definition of the word. And certainly not to any fan who watched this team from 2005-2011.

  16. exposremains - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    They always say Desmond is a leader. I can’t imagine that other players when he keeps screwing up still sees him as a leader. They might not say it vocally but I’m sure they’re thinking it.

    I still don’t see what they see in Matt Williams. I can’t think of one big thing that he brings to the team that really put him apart. any manager could have done what he did last year with such a talented team.

    Can anybody point out to me something that Matt Williams does much better than other managers that warrants him this job?

    • scnatsfan - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:37 AM

      Rumor has it he does a mean Babe Ruth imitation

    • jd - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:38 AM


    • jd - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:39 AM

      Randy Knorr must be saying to himself: “I got beat out by this guy?”

    • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:58 AM

      Doesn’t matter what “we” think. What matters is what the players think and results. If you have talked candidly with a good sample of players, then you can speak to the first, and 96 wins is a pretty good result.

      • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:00 AM

        Sorry, then you can NOT speak to the first…

      • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:03 AM

        Oops, had it right the first time. I’ll just shut up now

      • exposremains - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:10 AM

        I know what we think doesn’t matter but Im not so sure the players think that the 96 wins is on MW. They are really good, they must know that. When I look at Bochy, Maddon and others I think they get more wins with the players they have. I think MW loses some games.

  17. richardp6 - Jun 10, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    Another Groundhog Day.


    1. Why isn’t Janssen pitching? he was supposed to be the replacement for Clippard?
    2. How could MW bat Zimmerman cleanup?
    3. How could Harper bunt?
    4. Was it Rendon’s positioning or Desmonds poor decision?
    5. how could Desmond swing at the first pitch with two on?

    It all adds up to a loss at this level.

    • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:17 AM

      agree and part of the problem is that MW is a very over rated manager and we are seeing it first hand. The fact that Desi is the worst SS in MlB and rZim is simply terrible does not help the situation either

  18. micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:16 AM

    I fell like a broken record on Desi… Charlie Slowes said it best with clear disgust in his voice that Desi’s play was terrible and bad.

    If there is something wrong with rZim, then nats need to be honest about it, if he is healthy, then my friends, Zim is done period. remionds of when Unseld and Hayes got old at the same time in 1980.

    • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:24 AM

      Such hyperbole

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:26 AM

        really and your basis is what exactly????

      • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:35 AM

        If not injured, “Zim is done period.” And you’re asking me what my basis is?

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:42 AM

        “If not injured, “Zim is done period.” And you’re asking me what my basis is”

        let me explain it to you as clear as I can. Zim is 1 for 64!!!!

        There are only 2 reasons and 2 resasons only for this with a sample size this large and the fact Zim before the 1 for 64 was not even batting 230:

        1) He is injured (I hope that is the case as the past 4 season’s Zim has had early season problems with his shoulder)


        2) If he is healthy, then age has caught up with him period.

        got it!

      • bowdenball - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:48 AM

        Seriously. It’s been two months. Espinosa had more bad SEASONS than that and he’s probably been the second-best position player on the team this season.

        You’d think people would learn not to rush to judgment about players/teams after the Espi experience, and LaRoche’s 2011, and Werth’s 2012, and Span’s 2013, and Harper’s 2014. And let’s not forget the pitchers- JZimm entered June of 2014 with a 4.07 ERA and a team that was 5-8 in his starts. Drew Storen was sent down to the minors less than two years ago and now he’s the most effective closer in the game.

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:51 AM

        but Bowden, the difference is Zim is a veteran player where as Danny’s problem stemmed from hitting from the left side of the plate where he has far less reps than Zim does batting one way the past 10 years as opposed to Espi’s career half of that .

        If Zim is not hurt, what else could it be?

      • bowdenball - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:59 AM

        La Roche was a veteran player in 2011. Werth was a veteran player in 2012. Span was a veteran player in 2013. All three had bad poor seasons and were declared done. All three went on to produce big time for the Nats in subsequent seasons.

        Zimmerman is hurt, so I’m not sure why you’re asking about if he’s not. He’s been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it’s been announced. I think he should rest too, but I’m also not a doctor or a trainer, so I’ll trust those that are and who have daily access to Zim to conduct the cost/benefit properly.

        Also I don’t know where you got 1 for 64. He’s not 1 for his last 64. I think it’s closer to 1 for his last 25 or so. Slumps like that happen sometimes. Harper went 1 for 20 at one point last July.

    • therealjohnc - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:08 PM

      Who knows more about baseball, Charlie Slowes or Ray Knight? Ray Knight in the postgame said that Desmond’s play was absolutely the right play. FWIW.

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:45 PM

        not the decision to throw the ball

  19. mwstatsguy - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    These are all errors of desperation-bunting with 2 strikes, trying for the impossible throw, short-hopping the catcher on throws from the outfield, and the responsibility for that is as much on MW as it is on the players. The solution is for MW to stop channeling Earl Weaver of the 1970s. Weaver had the pitching staff AND the thumpers to be able to depend on the three-run HR but MW does not. The idea is to figure out how to win with what you’ve got rather than pretending that every position is manned by a game-winning superstar. I hope that he gets the picture before tempers flare even more since this board is gets pretty nasty some times.

    • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:23 AM

      So Earl Weaver had it easy, and really wasn’t that good of a manager?

      • micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:25 AM

        Earl weaver would have this team playing better ball and desi would be gone by now. Earl was EXCELLENT

    • jfmii - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:25 AM

      What is this board going to do? Revolution!!!!

  20. natsfan1a - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    You say you want a revolution

    • Joe Seamhead - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:45 AM

      But when you talk about destruction
      Don’t you know that you can count me out
      Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right?
      All right, all right
      You say you got a real solution
      Well, you know
      We’d all love to see the plan

      • natsfan1a - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:46 AM

        Thanks for the assist, Joe. 😉

  21. peewilly - Jun 10, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    Worst manager, worst shortstop, worst first baseman, pitching coach sucks, players hate the manager….ah, the ebbs and flow of a season. Or in some cases Mt Everest and the Grand Canyon.

  22. Sec 3, My Sofa - Jun 10, 2015 at 11:47 AM

    • therealjohnc - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:09 PM

      You win the internets for the day!

  23. micksback1 - Jun 10, 2015 at 12:46 PM

    Charlie Slowes last night





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